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Horror Book Challenge – What 6 Months of Straight Horror Does to Your Brain

It seems like forever ago that I read the Buzzfeed Article of “18 Horror Novels Every True Fan Should Read Before Watching The Movie Version”. Before I read the list I thought that I was going to have read over... Continue Reading →


Carrie Book Review – Slightly Less Fun Than My Prom

So after enduring the travesty that was House I decided to read a book that was guaranteed to be amazing, so who else could I possibly read but Stephen King! I think it’s impossible to love horror and not love... Continue Reading →

18 Horror Novel Challenge

So before I jump into any book reviews I want to explain what it is I’m currently doing with my book choices. Buzzfeed recently published an article describing the 18 horror novels you should read before watching the movie. Me being... Continue Reading →

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