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Horror Book Challenge – What 6 Months of Straight Horror Does to Your Brain

It seems like forever ago that I read the Buzzfeed Article of “18 Horror Novels Every True Fan Should Read Before Watching The Movie Version”. Before I read the list I thought that I was going to have read over... Continue Reading →


Dracula Book Review -Bram Stoker: Horror Icon, Horrible Sexist

IT’S DONE! It took me half a year but it’s finished. It’s done. My Horror Book Challenge is now officially concluded with my completion of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I’m going to write a separate blog post about what it was... Continue Reading →

30 Days of Night Book Review – Don’t Travel to Alaska

For a man who loves all things ghosts you’d assume I love all things vampire also. This is unfortunately a common misconception when I tell people that I love horror and they begin making recommendations of vampire stories and telling... Continue Reading →

Carrie Book Review – Slightly Less Fun Than My Prom

So after enduring the travesty that was House I decided to read a book that was guaranteed to be amazing, so who else could I possibly read but Stephen King! I think it’s impossible to love horror and not love... Continue Reading →

The Girl Next Door Book Review – Fact or Fiction

When I finished reading American Psycho I got an e-mail from Goodreads saying “You have read 18 novels in 2015, congratulations”. And I felt proud of myself because just a few years ago, before I moved in with my wife,... Continue Reading →

American Psycho: Handbook of How to Dress and Murder

As I mentioned when I first started this challenge. I had never read anything by Bret Easton Ellis nor had I ever actually seen the movie of American Psycho. I remember my brothers rented the movie when I lived at... Continue Reading →

The Final Girls: The Slasher Genre’s Answer to Cabin In The Woods

Scream 3 has been the last time I legitimately enjoyed watching a slasher film. Since then it’s just been remake after remake, which I always thought if the original film was good then why redo it? I started avoiding all... Continue Reading →

Silence of The Lambs: Where All of History’s Serial Killers Come Together

I was a few years out of University when I decided to go back to school to try to pursue a career in the social services. It was a natural fit and it’s opened up a career for me that... Continue Reading →

Psycho – A Slasher Story for Every Crim Major

After reading Rosemary’s Baby I felt good about my reading pace. I decided to continue my trend and read something short and sweet. If I knocked off two books from the list quickly I’d be all the more likely to... Continue Reading →

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