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100 Candle Game – How to Make Telling Ghost Stories Even Scarier

I make it no secret how afraid of the dark and of ghosts I am. And I mean it’s to the point where I refuse to do certain things simply as a joke. For example if I’m in a room... Continue Reading →


Dreaming: Lucid Fantasies or Alternate Realities?

I looked down at my watch and realized I was half an hour late meeting her. Knowing that she was big on being on time, I figured that I was in trouble at this point. I had to make a... Continue Reading →

Ghost Hunting + Hypnosis = Terrifying (Part 2)

It’s always been funny to me, this idea that I’ve always WANTED to have my own ghost story. I’ve met many people like myself who always seek out these paranormal experiences. They go on ghost walks, visit haunted houses, have... Continue Reading →

Ghost Hunting + Hypnosis = Terrifying (Part 1)

I often tell people that I have no personal ghost story and for the most part this is true. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t involved in someone else’s ghost story, and I swear to you that not only... Continue Reading →

Hauntings on Infinite Earths: My Theory on Ghosts

Before I jump into my theory I want to start you with a (non-ghost) story. At my last job my co-worker and I were driving out to a local high school to help a group of students with their resumes.... Continue Reading →

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