Paranormally Perplexed



Book Review: Corey Taylor – Rockstar/Ghost Enthusiast

When your love of horror novels starts to wane and you need inspiration, where would you turn?   Perhaps the lengthy and intricate stories of Stephen King? Or maybe visit one of the newer novels you fell in love with... Continue Reading →


Horror Book Challenge – What 6 Months of Straight Horror Does to Your Brain

It seems like forever ago that I read the Buzzfeed Article of “18 Horror Novels Every True Fan Should Read Before Watching The Movie Version”. Before I read the list I thought that I was going to have read over... Continue Reading →

100 Candle Game – How to Make Telling Ghost Stories Even Scarier

I make it no secret how afraid of the dark and of ghosts I am. And I mean it’s to the point where I refuse to do certain things simply as a joke. For example if I’m in a room... Continue Reading →

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