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Z is for (I Hate) Zombies

Probably one of the most common questions I hear from people is “what’s your zombie apocalypse plan!?” And it’s taken me countless hours of watching movies, tv shows, reading books, comic books and playing zombie videogames to finally realize what... Continue Reading →


The Witch Review – Instant Horror Classic

Two years ago my wife and I, along with her brother and our friend went up to Algonquin Park for a Portaging adventure. It’s what partially inspired the ghost story I just published in my last post (nothing like that... Continue Reading →

Dracula Book Review -Bram Stoker: Horror Icon, Horrible Sexist

IT’S DONE! It took me half a year but it’s finished. It’s done. My Horror Book Challenge is now officially concluded with my completion of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I’m going to write a separate blog post about what it was... Continue Reading →

Unfriended – Most Terrifying PSA Ever

It’s no secret that I lost my love for the found footage horror genre. Recently I’ve turned to indie/international horror (which is literally the only hipsterish thing about me, my lack of top knots, beards and ironic clothing save me... Continue Reading →

American Psycho: Handbook of How to Dress and Murder

As I mentioned when I first started this challenge. I had never read anything by Bret Easton Ellis nor had I ever actually seen the movie of American Psycho. I remember my brothers rented the movie when I lived at... Continue Reading →

Oculus: Mirrors and Ghosts Are Surprisingly Terrifying

I think it’s obvious by now how much I love all things horror. But no matter how much I read, watch or play the thing that I will always love above everything else are ghosts. So if someone can give... Continue Reading →

The Final Girls: The Slasher Genre’s Answer to Cabin In The Woods

Scream 3 has been the last time I legitimately enjoyed watching a slasher film. Since then it’s just been remake after remake, which I always thought if the original film was good then why redo it? I started avoiding all... Continue Reading →

Goodnight Mommy: Austrian Horror 1, American Horror 0

Typically when I’m searching for the next great horror movie to watch I don’t typically think to myself “I wonder if Austria has produced any horror movies worth checking out this year….” Well to be fair I don't think that... Continue Reading →

The Depressing Reality of Outgrowing Slasher Films

This weekend I celebrated my 27th birthday, and to celebrate my wife took me out to one of my favourite restaurants. The restaurant is fairly small and doesn’t offer much privacy from the people sitting next to you, so you... Continue Reading →

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