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The Witch Review – Instant Horror Classic

Two years ago my wife and I, along with her brother and our friend went up to Algonquin Park for a Portaging adventure. It’s what partially inspired the ghost story I just published in my last post (nothing like that... Continue Reading →


Unfriended – Most Terrifying PSA Ever

It’s no secret that I lost my love for the found footage horror genre. Recently I’ve turned to indie/international horror (which is literally the only hipsterish thing about me, my lack of top knots, beards and ironic clothing save me... Continue Reading →

Oculus: Mirrors and Ghosts Are Surprisingly Terrifying

I think it’s obvious by now how much I love all things horror. But no matter how much I read, watch or play the thing that I will always love above everything else are ghosts. So if someone can give... Continue Reading →

The Final Girls: The Slasher Genre’s Answer to Cabin In The Woods

Scream 3 has been the last time I legitimately enjoyed watching a slasher film. Since then it’s just been remake after remake, which I always thought if the original film was good then why redo it? I started avoiding all... Continue Reading →

Goodnight Mommy: Austrian Horror 1, American Horror 0

Typically when I’m searching for the next great horror movie to watch I don’t typically think to myself “I wonder if Austria has produced any horror movies worth checking out this year….” Well to be fair I don't think that... Continue Reading →

Found Footage Horror: Once Revolutionary, Now Cliche

When I was growing up I was often asked what kind of horror movies were my favourite. And it was a simple answer, the slasher flick. Growing up I loved watching a group of teens being outsmarted by indestructible mad... Continue Reading →

It Follows: If Drive had a horror movie sister, this would be it!

So let me start off by telling you how I watched this movie. My wife is not a fan of anything horror and we currently have identical work schedules so it’s not as if I can watch a movie when... Continue Reading →

Horror Icon Wes Craven: Thanks for the Scares

  So in light of the recent news of Wes Craven’s passing I thought it only appropriate to write an entry about a man who influenced and defined an entire genre. What George Romero was of the 60s and 70s... Continue Reading →

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