Paranormally Perplexed


lucid dreams

Ghost Story #4 -Nightmares on the Lake

The blisters on my palm had burst, reformed then burst again. My shoulders were screaming at me and my lower back had started cramping violently. It was the first time I ever paddled a canoe, so it may have been... Continue Reading →


Sleep Paralysis: Ghosts or Sleep Disorder?

Sleep Paralysis is one of the most talked about phenomena’s in the paranormal community. It’s the thing that most often gets mistaken for a paranormal experience and yet it’s one of the most researchable topics you can google in regards... Continue Reading →

Dreaming: Lucid Fantasies or Alternate Realities?

I looked down at my watch and realized I was half an hour late meeting her. Knowing that she was big on being on time, I figured that I was in trouble at this point. I had to make a... Continue Reading →

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