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Ghost Story #4 -Nightmares on the Lake

The blisters on my palm had burst, reformed then burst again. My shoulders were screaming at me and my lower back had started cramping violently. It was the first time I ever paddled a canoe, so it may have been... Continue Reading →


Ghost Story # 3 – 88.9 All-Talk Radio’s Paranormal Talk

This story comes from my own head and has no backstory whatsoever. Sometimes when I’m just out and about, random story ideas just pop into my head and I feel the need to write it down immediately. This was the... Continue Reading →

Light in The Basement – Ghost Story #2

The following is a semi-true story that happened to me a few years back at my last job. Which is funny because after you read it you’ll be asking me “but haven’t you watched every scary movie ever! Who goes... Continue Reading →

The Phantom Passenger – Ghost Story #1

This story was told in passing to me. It is a true story, however I’ve taken some liberties with the storytelling and how the events unfolded. The individual who told me the story knows this and knows that it’s a... Continue Reading →

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