To the readers of this blog, I apologize for my absence. For my subscribers, my facebook friends and everyone on Alternate Earths who periodically catch glimpses of my blog before it disappears from their line of sight leaving them wondering if they indeed saw anything!

Let me explain the title before I continue. I needed a catchy hook to capture your attention. My disappearance from this blog is very easy to explain and has nothing to do with me slipping into a tear in the space time continuum.

Or perhaps I did slip into the tear and the Me from Earth 2 is writing this? Quick! Ask me something only I would know!

Just kidding, It’s me not the Earth 2 version of me. That guy is a real jerk and would probably shut down my blog before writing in it.

So anyways! I’m currently in the process of writing numerous posts that will post on several future dates so I don’t get caught in the current situation I’m in. Let me explain why!


I started a new job, and this job is one I’m so incredibly happy to have. However it’s ten times more exhausting than my previous job so by the time I arrive home I’m ready to just sit with my wife, read my book, take a nap and binge watch mindless television to forget about the busyness of my day. However tonight, after about a month and a half I decided to just sit down, write some stuff down and remind myself why I love writing.


So what have I been up to for the past month you ask?


Shhhh, I know you didn’t ask but please humor me.




Thank you!


I was lost in terms of writing materials. I had read several horror novels and thought about reviewing them, but as time went on the more I forgot about them and just thought to myself – if I can’t remember them then why would I want people to read about them? I watched a few horror movies and had the same thought. So I did what I did at the end of my horror novel challenge.


I returned to the world of Young Adult fiction. Now if you haven’t read the Red Rising series, go read it right now! What’s wrong with you!? Oh you already read it? Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.


I needed a reboot. And whenever I do I turn to the world of Young Adult series. I love them and don’t care if other people don’t or if they mock me for them (you know who you are old man). The reason I read them is to just turn my brain off and enjoy a fun novel that doesn’t depress me, scare me or make me strain my brain trying to understand it. It’s the same reason I play so much FIFA on my PS4. Sure I have some amazing games with long intricate stories, but sometimes I just need to turn my brain off and score some goals.


In the videogame……not in real life. I can’t play sports in real life.


Stop laughing.




The reboot helped me rediscover my love of horror, and it also introduced me to a new medium of horror. Podcasts! (a whole different post so stay tuned!).


I also picked up some really AMAZING books through accidental means, and of course I was just delivered the newest novel by Joe Hill. It’s killing me to not start it but I’ve only got about 200 pages of my current book which I’m also loving. I’m not one of those people who reads 5 books at once, if I do I forgot what’s happened in what books and forget who’s doing what.


“Wait a minute! Why doesn’t Sherlock Holmes just kill Dracula with the Ring of Mordor!”


I’ve also been inspired for numerous new stories that I want to write. Talking about inspiration and previous stories with my big brother – well older, I outgrew him ages ago – helped me rekindle my desire to write. Also a former co-worker of mine and good friend sent me a link for a writing contest. Whether I’ll enter it or not depends on if I can write anything of top quality in time. But the two of them helped me WANT to write again. And the books I read gave me some ideas for some new stories.


Not that I read them and thought “I want to write a story like that!” But rather it reminded me of previous experiences of mine that I realized I could turn into a story right then and there!


So stay tuned as more posts are on their way. And thank you for reading and thank you for not harassing me about why I haven’t written anything in a while.


Except you big brother, who said “I noticed you haven’t written anything in a while”. Ya well I noticed you haven’t drawn anything in a while, so how do you like dem apples!


Anyways stay tuned!