This story comes from my own head and has no backstory whatsoever. Sometimes when I’m just out and about, random story ideas just pop into my head and I feel the need to write it down immediately. This was the case here, so I hope it’s scary and I hope you enjoy!


Lucas flipped his high beams on as he hit the highway 403. The road was abandoned and the dim lights at the side of the road did a poor job of illuminating the path ahead of him. The majority of the light was swallowed up by the endless walls of trees that surrounded this part of the county. It was beautiful to drive through in the day light. But it was a hazard to drive through in the night.


Animals sprinted out unexpectedly from the cover of the trees and more often than not you wouldn’t realize anything was on the road until you felt the large bump under the car. He’d been responsible for the death of two raccoons, one skunk and as of last year, one deer.


He’d been promised by his manager for the past year that they were going to move him to the local office so he wouldn’t have to go on any more out of town sales calls. But he knew a fake promise when he heard it. He knew that for the time being he was going to continue being sent to various towns and cities all over the county. These trips would often consume his life for days at a time. The job had made him all too familiar with the late night drive back home. Eventually Red Bulls and audio books became just a part of his everyday work routine.


Lucas reached for his ipod to change the track to Chapter 21 of the latest Dennis Lehane novel he had been listening to. He didn’t care how tired he was, any good detective story could keep him awake for hours.


When he reached into the ipod dock he had installed near the car stereo he realized that he had left it in his bag in the trunk. For a minute he contemplated pulling over to retrieve it, but with how tired he was he didn’t want to prolong getting home any longer than he needed to.


He sighed decided to turn on the radio, something he hadn’t listened to in years. He had forgotten how loud he kept the audio so he could hear the book clearly. It was made evident to him when the sound of static exploded in his car and he nearly jumped out of his seat. He frantically turned the sound down till it was barely audible and hit scan. He couldn’t name you any radio stations if you held a gun to his head, so he figured he’d just listen to whatever the scan produced.


-and you’ve been abducted by aliens how many times sir?


Lucas snickered and was about to hit scan again when he decided to listen to whatever this weirdo had to say about alien abduction.


I’ve been abducted by aliens 11 times. The last time was just last month! I’ve got the scars to prove it!


The scars sir? Please enlighten us, what do these scars look like and how do they prove you’ve been abducted?


Well they look just like those crop circles? With the circles and stuff? You know?


Oh! Well why didn’t you say so, that’s undisputable proof! Well sir we here at Paranormal Talk, brought to you by 88.9 All-Talk Radio, would love a picture of those scars! Send them along to our producer Megan and she’d be happy to share them on our website under the paranormal photo section! Thank you for calling!


Lucas laughed and made a mental note to google this website later on, and to check out the photos of the ‘alien scars’ along with whatever other random photos the local crazies have apparently submitted. His hand moved away from the ‘scan’ button and he decided that the talk radio station would interest him enough to keep him awake. He turned up the volume and listened.


You’re listening to 88.9 All-Talk Radio’s weekly broadcast of Paranormal Talk where callers call in and give us account of their stories. Aliens, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, Big Foot – we cover it all! Give us a call and see if your story is scary enough to be on the air! My producer Megan is telling me we already have another caller. That’s great, keep the calls coming people! Now who am I speaking with!?


A ghost.


Lucas had the can of Red Bull to his lips and had been mid swallow when he heard this. He had to cover his mouth from spitting it all out. He face was turning red from trying hard not to laugh. He didn’t care that he had forgotten his IPod in the trunk, he was so engrossed with this radio station. He put the can down so as to not risk choking on anymore and spitting it all over his windshield.


Sorry sir? I’m speaking to a ghost? Is it too much trouble for me to ask how you managed to dial the phone?




Fair enough! Now sir, how did you become a ghost? If you don’t mind my asking!


I died.


Well that’s a given. How did you die?




And just what kind of accident?




Lucas cringed and thought about changing the station for a moment. After his incident with the deer last year he was none too keen on focusing on the potential of any more car accidents. But at this point he was too invested in this strange conversation to actually change the station. He turned it up just a tad more and listened.


I see, I see! Well that’s terribly tragic sir and we here at 88.9 All-Talk Radio’s Paranormal Talk really feel for you. I can see by the fact that her eyes are closed that my producer Megan is saying a silent prayer for you! Isn’t that right Megan? I SAID ISN’T THAT RIGHT MEGAN! She’s nodding in agreement folks. Well Mr. Ghost sir, I think we the audience need a little bit more proof. How can we even be sure you’re a ghost!


My body.

And what a terrible state it must be in if you were in a car accident!


Side of the road.


Lucas’ smile faded and his face was deep in concentration. He was forcing himself to focus on the road and to ignore the feeling of unease that had been growing inside of him. His stomach had started to feel hot and his chest was tightening. This call was a lot more unsettling than he would’ve liked to admit.


Suddenly his high beams caught a pair of two glowing orbs in the near distance. Lucas’ foot flew to the brakes as he cursed loudly. The orbs stayed on him and as his car came to a sudden and frantic stop the pair of orbs turned towards the road, and the deer hopped along casually. Lucas had stopped only a few feet from where the deer was, and his hands were shaking uncontrollably as he clutched the wheel.


Is your body still there?




And exactly which road is your body on then?


Lucas was breathing heavily as he tried to get his heart rate back down. He wiped the sweat that had suddenly covered his face and leaned back in the driver’s seat. He let out one long breath and laughed softly to himself. He checked in the rear view mirror to make sure that no cars were approaching from behind. He didn’t need to be rear ended on the highway moments after avoiding the deer.


Nothing but the faded street lights could be seen. There wasn’t a pair of headlights in sight. He readjusted in the seat and took another swig from his can of Red Bull.




That’s Highway 403 sir?




Lucas began driving slowly. In case there were anymore deer around he didn’t want to pull to a sudden stop again. He was only half paying attention to the radio conversation at this point. His main focus was on the road and the potential of his high beams reflecting off the eyes of any more deer.


Are any of our listeners out near Highway 403? If so give us a call and our producer Megan would be happy to wake up from her nap and take your call! C’mon people we need to verify if this guy is for real or if this is the most boring prank call of all time!


It’s no prank.


But how can we know sir! Surely you don’t expect me or Megan to go out and find you? Am I right Megan! MEGAN! I said am I right!


Lucas was finally driving up to 70 km/h when he spotted another set of bright orbs. He wanted to pat himself on the back for being smart enough to keep his speed down. He easily slowed down and noticed that the orbs hadn’t moved yet. The deer was still contemplating it’s move. He stopped entirely and kept his lights focused on the animal’s eyes.


Lucas can tell you.


Lucas tuned back into the conversation on the radio. Had the voice just said his name?


And if you don’t mind my asking sir! Just who is Lucas!?


The man staring at me.


Lucas’ heart nearly leapt out of his chest. He looked up and saw the orbs were closer. And from the colour it was clear that they belonged to no animal that he had ever seen. Without thinking, his foot slammed on the gas and he shot forward.


Well! If you’re the man that’s looking at our new friend, the poor conversationalist ghost, then please give us a call and tell us what you see!


He can’t.


Oh? And why is that?


Lucas looked in the rear view mirror and saw that there was nothing behind him. The eyes were gone and the road behind him was still abandoned. But he still felt as if he was being watched.


Because he is about to die.


Lucas turned white at hearing this. He was nearly hyperventilating as he put his foot to the floor and sped up well beyond the speed limit. He knew that the voice on the radio was talking about him, and he wanted to put as much distance between himself and the figure as possible. His eyes focused on the rear view mirror as he scanned for the eyes he had seen seconds before.


Megan, where did you say this call came from? Sir I think this joke of yours may have gone on long enough. If you’re planning on harming someone then I’m afraid we’ll have to alert the authorities.


I’m not.


Then how is this man supposed to die?


Lucas saw the glowing orbs appear in his rear view mirror and he let out a terrified shriek. Quietly, he began to mutter “oh god, oh god, oh god”.


Same way I did.


I see. A car accident then? Well if you’re the driver, then please be careful! Don’t live out the scenario that our nameless ghost here has proposed!




What was that sir?


My Name.


Lucas turned to look down at the radio in horror and fumbled to turn it off. Tears had welled in his eyes and when he brought his eyes back up to the road the deer was standing directly in front of him, frozen. Lucas slammed on the brakes and only then did he realize he had forced his car up to 160 km/h. The tires shrieked as the back wheels fish tailed. He cranked on the wheel to try to right the car and realized immediately that he had overcompensated and it was now spinning out of control.


The deer remained motionless and Lucas slammed into the animal on the driver’s side. The heavy animal collapsed onto the vehicle crushing Lucas. He was dead within seconds. And as his car lay in ruin, the roads to both sides remained pitch black as there was not another soul in sight.


Well Lucas sorry to hear about your accident I hope this driver turns out okay! Well that’s all the time we have for tonight folks! Tune in next week to 88.9 All-Talk Radio’s broadcast of Paranormal Talk and see if your story is scary enough to get you on the air! From me and my producer Megan, we wish you a good night!