Paranormally Perplexed


December 2015

Oculus: Mirrors and Ghosts Are Surprisingly Terrifying

I think it’s obvious by now how much I love all things horror. But no matter how much I read, watch or play the thing that I will always love above everything else are ghosts. So if someone can give... Continue Reading →


Haunting of Hill House Book Review – My Dream Home

When I first saw that the Haunting of Hill House was on this list I was a little hesitant. I had watched that awful awful movie from the late 90s when I was a child and remember me and my friends laughing... Continue Reading →

The Phantom Passenger – Ghost Story #1

This story was told in passing to me. It is a true story, however I’ve taken some liberties with the storytelling and how the events unfolded. The individual who told me the story knows this and knows that it’s a... Continue Reading →

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