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November 2015

The Final Girls: The Slasher Genre’s Answer to Cabin In The Woods

Scream 3 has been the last time I legitimately enjoyed watching a slasher film. Since then it’s just been remake after remake, which I always thought if the original film was good then why redo it? I started avoiding all... Continue Reading →


100 Candle Game – How to Make Telling Ghost Stories Even Scarier

I make it no secret how afraid of the dark and of ghosts I am. And I mean it’s to the point where I refuse to do certain things simply as a joke. For example if I’m in a room... Continue Reading →

Ring: The Reason VHS tapes Don’t Exist Anymore

Finding this book was perhaps more challenging than finding any of the other books on this list. While the majority of them are classics that are held in most libraries this one was a little bit tougher to find. It... Continue Reading →

Silence of The Lambs: Where All of History’s Serial Killers Come Together

I was a few years out of University when I decided to go back to school to try to pursue a career in the social services. It was a natural fit and it’s opened up a career for me that... Continue Reading →

Sleep Paralysis: Ghosts or Sleep Disorder?

Sleep Paralysis is one of the most talked about phenomena’s in the paranormal community. It’s the thing that most often gets mistaken for a paranormal experience and yet it’s one of the most researchable topics you can google in regards... Continue Reading →

Goodnight Mommy: Austrian Horror 1, American Horror 0

Typically when I’m searching for the next great horror movie to watch I don’t typically think to myself “I wonder if Austria has produced any horror movies worth checking out this year….” Well to be fair I don't think that... Continue Reading →

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