I looked down at my watch and realized I was half an hour late meeting her. Knowing that she was big on being on time, I figured that I was in trouble at this point. I had to make a quick stop off at work before we were to meet for coffee and in classic me fashion I got caught up chatting with someone. One minute turned into ten and before I realized it I was incredibly late. The coffee place was right by my work so I knew that I couldn’t use that as my excuse. I was going to have to face the consequences and have her be mad at me.

If she can’t see me she can’t yell at me!

I opened the door and she was sitting there with a coffee already half drank.

She doesn’t drink coffee?


I ran over to her and began apologizing profusely. She waved my apologies aside and told me it was alright, we still had plenty of time. But that maybe I shouldn’t be late to our third date.

Third date? But I’m married……wait who is this?

I looked her in the face and noticed that she was wearing glasses, my wife has perfect vision. She had short shoulder length hair, my wife has hair past her shoulders. This wasn’t my wife, so who was this?

I wasn’t able to answer it but the thing was I KNEW this person. The moment I saw them I knew that they were the one I was meeting for a coffee date. I knew that I had been on a date with this person twice before and that we had known each other for some time. But at the exact same time I knew that I was married and that this wasn’t MY reality. I suddenly realized that this was a dream, but at the same time part of me knew that this was happening. This encounter between the girl with the glasses and this version of me would continue to happen even after I woke up, of that I was sure.

How do I know?

Tell me, have you ever met someone and said “I think I know you from somewhere?” You met this person, you know for a fact that you did, but before this moment you completely erased them from your brain. When you see them again you can’t remember exactly where you saw them but you know for a fact – a solid fact – you know who they are. You don’t know how or why you know them but immediately you recognize their face and your brain searches frantically for the memory of when you last saw them.

THIS is what I felt when I saw this woman sitting across the table from me.

The thing that perhaps was the most unsettling to me is that I’ve lucid dreamed before. Other than one instance it never lasted for long and it was always something incredibly drastic that would make me aware. So for something SO mundane – someone sitting across a table from me- to make me lucid was something I wasn’t prepared for. In one moment I went from being fully submerged in a dream to having my entire philosophy on dreaming changed.

Let me tell you first about how I developed the foundation for my original thoughts on dreaming.

I took introduction to Psychology and they explained that the brain uses images and experiences we’re familiar with when we’re in the dream state. And as a result humans are never able to experience something in a dream we’ve never really experienced. Before you challenge me and say “but I’ve had plenty of dreams where I was flying! Or I died! And I’ve never done either one so explain!” let me explain how it works.

You know OF things. You’ve seen super hero movies where they fly by stiffening up and pressing their arms to their side. You’ve seen martial arts movies where they easily beat down a group of ten men without breaking a sweat. You’ve even see movies where someone gets shot in the shoulder and all they do is grimace in pain before moving on. So what you do is you internalize these interpretations for experiences you’ve never experienced and in the dream world these internalizations become reality.

The straighter I make my body the faster I go!……I think?

You THINK this is what flying should feel like so you say “um but I flew in my dream last night” but if I were to ask you to explain the physics of how you felt you would struggle in describing it to me. If I asked you what specific techniques or movements you did when you fought off the group of ten ninjas you’d struggle in that and if I asked you to recreate it, the kicks you show me would certainly never look like the kicks you did in the dream. That’s because this wasn’t a lived experienced.

I think I’ve seen enough Jet Li to know how to fight off a giant group of men thank you!

However if I were to ask you “tell me what it was like in your dream when you were driving” you would tell me that you were placing your foot on the brake exactly how you do it when you drive and yet the car wouldn’t stop. And immediately you knew it was strange because you know that when you put that much pressure on your car brake it normally stops without issue, you’ve done it a million times so it makes no sense that it wasn’t working this time! The fact is you CAN describe this dream to me a thousand times better than you could the dream about flying because you understood it, you could fully grasp it`s concept.

My point (ah – so the point finally emerges) is that this is all I ever really knew or understood of dreams. And initially I narrowed my opinion of dreams and completely and entirely wrapped myself up in this theory. But in one moment this entire concept changed for me. I threw away those beliefs and I thought of something different.

What if these dreams are parallel versions of ourselves? And every time you dream you enter the mind of this version of yourself? That’s why when you enter these dream worlds you don’t question anything, you simply understand that these are your circumstances and you act accordingly.

Time to fight the dragon otherwise I’ll be late for my test, and if I fail then the president won’t let me play in the Superbowl!

Hold still dolphins I’m trying to sleep with my Ocean Blanket!

Think about it. Most often when someone wakes up from a dream they almost always say the same thing. “It was such a weird dream but I didn’t think it was weird at the time!” And maybe that’s because you were in a reality where what happened next was the most logical thing to happen in that parallel world.

Now if you remember my post on ghosts potentially being figures from parallel worlds you’ll know that I often support this theory of alternate worlds. Some as I stated earlier would be nearly identical whereas some would be so drastically different you wouldn’t believe that a version of you exists in this world. So if that’s a possibility for the existence of ghosts then why wouldn’t it be a possibility for dreams?

You want to take on this dream or should I?

What if every time we enter the world of dreams our mind ventures into other realities that perhaps we might find interesting or useful? Almost as if it’s channel surfing?

Let’s see…..what do we have tonight? Watching tv – no that’s boring. Walking in the park – no we did that last week. OH! I found one of him not wearing pants and forgetting he has a test today! Let’s see how he gets out of this one!

Or as my brain says “let’s pick the most terrifying dream world we can!”

This could also relate to the concept of dreams as premonitions or sources of inspirations. Countless people have stated that their best ideas came in the form of a dream that they wrote down at 4am. Other individuals stated that they had a premonition type dream that essentially came true. So what if your mind knows that you’re in a similar situation as a version of you from Earth – 22. So it seeks out your mind from earth 22 and says “okay watch what happens here”. Then when you wake up you notice all of the factors are there and you say “hmmmm I had a bad dream about this, maybe I shouldn’t”.

Don’t you often say to yourself, “man I wish I could’ve told myself that 10 years ago!” Maybe in this case you are. Maybe on Earth – 22 you say “I wish I hadn’t done that!” and so your brain picks up on that message and says “Hey! Don’t do what they did and you’ll be fine!” So you avoid asking out the girl who laughs at you in front of the school in your dream, or you avoid that back road which may be icy that caused your dream self to get in the car accident. By the time you actually live out this event you may forget you even dreamed about it, you may simply say I don’t think I’ll ask her out. Then maybe Earth 22 you has a dream which is your Earth 1 consciousness and they say “man! That’s what it would’ve been like if I hadn’t asked her out! Ah man I’ll remember that for next time!”

Just ask everyone who doesn’t drive behind these anymore!

So I invite you to take some notes the next time you’re dreaming. See if there’s anything you notice from any of them. Are you in a place you’ve been to numerous times while dreaming? Are you talking to someone that the dream version of you knows that the real person doesn’t? Notice these things and let me know if you find any consistencies. After I had this dream I wrote out the list of places I’ve frequented in dreams and I came up with over 10 and I realized that maybe these are the same parallel worlds I keep visiting.

Do the same and see what you come up with! Because who knows, maybe there’s a version of yourself in Earth 92 that has the house you’re currently living in listed as a place they frequent in dreams! Just hope that your world is a version that teaches your subconscious what TO DO and not WHAT NOT TO DO.

Until next time, I hope I’ve left you a little more perplexed about the paranormal!