It’s always been funny to me, this idea that I’ve always WANTED to have my own ghost story. I’ve met many people like myself who always seek out these paranormal experiences. They go on ghost walks, visit haunted houses, have séances and even at times ghost hunt. And yet for some reason they, along with myself, have yet to have that one personal ghost experience. Yet I’ve met countless people who don’t believe, care for or even pay attention to paranormal activities and yet they experience them all the time.

It’s never seemed quite fair to me, and yet isn’t that how the world works in general? The person who never brushes their teeth never has any dental issues yet the person who brushes, flosses and uses mouthwash needs a filling every visit?

This is how I felt when my brother told me the experience they had with the hypnotism and the ghost. I was so frustrated because he – who doesn’t really believe all that much in ghosts – got to experience something I’ve been wanting to experience since childhood. I always wanted to be able to see, hear and experience ghosts in some capacity and yet when it comes to the paranormal I’m basically swimming underwater with my eyes closed in the middle of the night. My senses are essentially useless and I have trouble picking up on anything.

I knew from my many years of research (yes by my teenage years I had already done years of research – I was obsessed) that conjuring spirits in any way shape or form was a bad idea. Not just bad but dangerous. Someone once asked me why it was so dangerous. I explained it to them this way.

Me: Gwen, how many of us are in this room right now?

Gwen: I’m not sure, maybe 15? 20?

Me: Okay, and how many doors do you see that can get you out of the buildingt?

Gwen: Just the one across the room there.

Me: Right. So let’s pretend that the door over there was locked from the outside. Everyone here wants to leave, we all have things we want to do and places we want to see. Is it possible for us to do that?

Gwen: Well no the door is locked.

Me: Right. So someone comes along, someone with a key. This person has never seen any of us before and doesn’t know who anyone is. They open the door just a crack and they yell in at us “hey! We’re going to open this door right now, but only one of you is allowed to leave!” We’d all get eager to leave right? We’re essentially trapped in here and this is our ticket out! So as we’re all listening to this voice it then says “I’m going to let one of you out, I think maybe Gwen. So Gwen if you could come to the door I’ll let you out”.

Gwen: So why is that bad? I would just go to the door and leave?

Me: Do you think the other 19 people would let you? Do you think that they all wouldn’t push and shove and kick and scratch to get out. So as you’re walking to the door, the biggest, meanest and strongest person in the room pushes you over. They walk to the door and they say “I’m Gwen!”. The person at the door then says “perfect! Come on through!” They let them through and lock the door. The people on the other side of that door don’t know that they’re not the real Gwen, they just think that they called out someone harmless while in reality they just opened the door for someone who they don’t know who may be dangerous.

Gwen: Should they just leave us in here then?

Me: Until they find a way to make sure the kind and safe ones can exit and the dangerous, evil ones have to stay then yes. I think maybe they should.

Let us out! Let us out! Let us in! Let us in!

I had hoped that this person would take my advice, I never saw them afterwards to find out whether they did or not though. But as I was explaining to them the dangers of conjuring or openly communicating with spirits that you aren’t equipped to deal with I realized that I should’ve given myself this advice. And part of me wishes I had.

Part 2

The weekend was over and we went back to our regular routine. Go to school, go home and play videogames, do our homework. When the weekend finally arrived I could barely contain myself. I was waiting for this opportunity for a week and I was finally going to communicate with a ghost.

“So you like being a ghost or…..”

About. Damn. Time.

Saturday came and we called over and asked if they wanted to try the hypnosis thing again. They of course agreed and Hector and I were on our way. We got there early so we could try to see how susceptible to it I was. If I could become fully hypnotized like their youngest brother then they were in luck. We would spend the day making me do hilarious things and cap it off by doing some ghost hunting at night. And if I was able to get far in my hypnosis but not completely under then they’d have all day to work on me to try to get me 100% under.

I promise to get hypnotized if you don’t stand so close to my face!

We wasted no time when we got there. They took me and Calvin upstairs to one of the bedrooms and closed the doors and windows to rid us of all outside noise. I made a joke to them about not trying anything funny and they laughed but told me to get serious. Breaks in the concentration could ruin the entire experience.

Telling me not to make jokes in serious situations is like telling someone not to get wet when they go swimming; those things just go hand in hand!

Brody began by sitting us across from him, asking us to sit up straight and close our eyes. He then turned to the back of the book and began to read to us a script, one I could tell he had practiced countless times.

Listening to the script was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever sat through. As our eyes were closed he lead us through instructions in a calm soothing voice and made sure that were entirely at ease before proceeding. It started off with some light breathing, almost like meditation. Afterwards he began giving us small instructions, your head is getting heavier, your body is feeling weaker etc. He told us that when we opened our eyes we would still hear his voice but we wouldn’t see him. No, we wouldn’t see him because we were on a plane and we would see the stewardess handing out ice cold drinks, which we were encouraged to take.

Isn’t our imaginary hypnosis airplane fantastic!?

I kept picturing what this experience would be like. To hear a voice in the distance while your physical self seems to be in an entirely different place. I could barely contain myself with how excited I was. We were finally instructed to open our eyes and take the drinks.

I turned my head. I opened my eyes, AND!……………


I was in the bedroom. I was sitting across from Brody who had the book in his lap, and when I looked over at Calvin he was holding imaginary drinks and downing them one by one.

It didn’t work. Not even a little.

Hypnosis is stupid and so are all of you 😦

I went along with it at first to see if maybe, JUST MAYBE, this is what it would be like! Where half of it is in my imagination but I just couldn’t see anything. Only with the more commands he gave the more I realized I was actively choosing to follow them. I wasn’t compelled to through hypnosis. I sighed and stopped mid-action.

He realized immediately that he successfully hypnotized one of us, but not the other. I was incredibly disappointed, I was dying to get to experience communicating with ghosts. Especially this one who had met such an ill fate!

I felt disappointed and when we left the room I told everyone it didn’t work. While they were all disappointed they told me that I could still enjoy giving commands to Calvin as they had and sure enough I did. We all had plenty of good laughs and eventually woke him back up from this state after an hour.

*I have to add that nothing was funnier than when we commanded him that he would wake up as a strawberry. No one really knew what he would do but when he woke up he looked like a human being literally at bliss. We’ve never seen such a happy look on someone’s face and we laughed about it for maybe 10 solid minutes. But I digress.

Yea! Kinda like that!

When we were done with the hypnosis we saw that it was still sunny outside so we decided to kill some hours playing videogames. We wanted to wait until it got dark outside because we didn’t think a good ghost story should take place in the middle of the day in a bright sunny house (you hear that American Horror Story Season 1!?)

I don’t know what’s scarier, the sunlight or his hat…..

As the light outside got dimmer and dimmer the anticipation in the room grew more and more. We were all eager to get started but we didn’t want to rush into anything.

Finally dark came and we were ready. They suggested I try it one more time. Now that I had witnessed Calvin go completely under and how the commands worked maybe my mind would be more into it. I agreed and followed Calvin and Brody into the bedroom.

Once again I was convinced that since I wanted it SO BADLY that it was going to happen. I’d open my eyes and see exactly what I was being told I was seeing. I’d see a smiling face hand me a tall glass of lemonade and I would welcome it’s sugary taste in my throat. I opened my eyes AND!….

Still nothing.

Disappointed I left the room and let them finish the hypnosis. I was trying hard to not let my disappointment ruin the ghost hunting experience so I went down to the basement where the rest of them were waiting.

After a few more minutes we heard them coming downstairs and saw immediately that once again Calvin was completely and entirely under the power of hypnosis. We asked him to once again find Jimmy. When we snapped our fingers he didn’t take off as he had last time. Rather he sat and waited before finally saying “He isn’t here right now”.

You said it Mikayla

Even more disappointment! We had been waiting all day for this and in the end we were left with nothing. I experienced no hypnosis and no ghosts. We were ready to move on when someone had an idea and spoke up.

“Stop. Sleep. When we snap our fingers on three you’re going to see if you can find any other actual spirits in this house.”





He opened his eyes and turned his head. He walked upstairs to their living room and paused in front of the wall much like he did before. We asked who it was. He told us that this ghost was Jacob. Jacob is Jimmy’s friend.

**Once again I apologize, I asked everyone involved and no one can remember this ghost’s name either. So for the sake of this story I’m calling him Jacob.

We asked him to speak to Jacob and ask him what he knew about Jimmy. He began nodding his head again and telling us what Jacob was saying.

[This is where I have to pause the story and admit something I’m not proud of at all. I knew better than what we were about to do, but again I was young and I let my obsession overtake my senses. We grew weary of asking him questions and having him relay them to Jacob only to have Jacob answer him then relay them back to us. Soooooooo we told him to speak as Jacob and we’d address him in the first person. He agreed to do this.


I knew that this was the worst idea we had had so far but I didn’t object. Letting a spirit communicate directly through someone rather than having their message conveyed by that person was incredibly dangerous. Countless mediums won’t even do it as they aren’t skilled or experienced enough, it takes years of training, focus and incredible ability to maintain this state so then whatever it is doesn’t attach itself to you or influence you. And yet we did it for the thrill of a ghost ride. Whether ghosts are real or not this could have been potentially very dangerous. If this was simply Calvin’s imagination creating a story for the sake of our entertainment then this wouldn’t put him at any risk. But if there was any chance that this was true and it really was a ghost then this was incredibly dangerous.]

Anyways! We asked Calvin to do this for us and he agreed. We began conversing with Jacob and Jacob was a boy who was friends with Jimmy. The two of them spent a lot of time together and Jacob would frequently spend time at Jimmy’s house. We asked Jacob if he knows what happened the night Jimmy died, Calvin shook his head yes.

“Go to the night Jimmy died in this house Jacob. What did you see”.

He began describing the exact same scene Jimmy had described earlier. Jacob was standing outside of Jimmy’s house and was peering into the window. Jimmy was strapped to a chair with his hands tied behind his back. He was looking up at his mother who was pacing the floor. His mother’s face was wet and raw from wiping away so many tears. She would pick up the knife by the pitcher only to put it down again. Each time she lifted it Jacob was sure that this was going to be it, this was going to be the time she would kill him.

Only Jacob wasn’t reacting. He wasn’t crying, pleading or even breathing heavy. He just sat and stared directly at his mother in silence.

At this moment all of us paused and looked at each other in confusion. We turned back to Calvin and asked “why isn’t he scared? And why aren’t you helping him?”

Calvin took a few moments then finally answered.

“Because Jimmy’s crazy”

We have just lost cabin pressure…..

My heart literally jumped into my throat. I know it’s an expression but all of our jaws actually dropped.

“What the hell is he talking about?” One of us asked after a few seconds to break the tension. We turned back to Jacob and asked what he meant.

Jacob told us, Jimmy wasn’t a good person. He hurt things, he hurt people. He had hurt his mom before and would continue to do it. Jacob wasn’t watching in fear of his friend, he was watching in fear that she might not go through with it. Jimmy was evil.

Jimmy was evil.

Worse than that kid.

“We need to stop”. One of us said. We all agreed and told Calvin we were done talking to Jacob and that he could now sleep. Calvin’s head collapses to the side and he was once again under hypnosis sleep. Without speaking we knew we were done with the hypnosis for the night. Brody in his haste to end the process woke Calvin up but forgot to do what we always did. We forgot to wipe Calvin’s memory of the events he experienced whilst under hypnosis.

Calvin opened his eyes and inhaled deeply. Then his eyes continued to grow until they were popping out of his head. “What the hell did you guys do!? Why didn’t you wipe that from me! I didn’t want to see that!”

We all began apologizing profusely. We all felt terrible and decided that was it for the night. We went home and didn’t speak of what happened for the rest of the night. All we knew is that we were done with ghost hunting, and Calvin and Brody were done with communicating with Jimmy.

A few years later they left that house and in turn left our game of hypnosis. I’d be interested in contacting the people who live there now and asking them if they’ve ever experienced anything paranormal in the basement. And if they do that they should steer clear of the ghost who goes by the name of Jimmy.

The End.