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October 2015

Psycho – A Slasher Story for Every Crim Major

After reading Rosemary’s Baby I felt good about my reading pace. I decided to continue my trend and read something short and sweet. If I knocked off two books from the list quickly I’d be all the more likely to... Continue Reading →


Rosemary’s Baby – Witches and Babies Surprisingly Don’t Mix

I decided to start off my 18 horror novel challenge with a quick read. Rosemary’s Baby was one of the three shortest choices so I figured I’d start off with a bang and choose one of the most iconic horror... Continue Reading →

18 Horror Novel Challenge

So before I jump into any book reviews I want to explain what it is I’m currently doing with my book choices. Buzzfeed recently published an article describing the 18 horror novels you should read before watching the movie. Me being... Continue Reading →

Dreaming: Lucid Fantasies or Alternate Realities?

I looked down at my watch and realized I was half an hour late meeting her. Knowing that she was big on being on time, I figured that I was in trouble at this point. I had to make a... Continue Reading →

The Depressing Reality of Outgrowing Slasher Films

This weekend I celebrated my 27th birthday, and to celebrate my wife took me out to one of my favourite restaurants. The restaurant is fairly small and doesn’t offer much privacy from the people sitting next to you, so you... Continue Reading →

Ghost Hunting + Hypnosis = Terrifying (Part 2)

It’s always been funny to me, this idea that I’ve always WANTED to have my own ghost story. I’ve met many people like myself who always seek out these paranormal experiences. They go on ghost walks, visit haunted houses, have... Continue Reading →

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