Before I jump into my theory I want to start you with a (non-ghost) story. At my last job my co-worker and I were driving out to a local high school to help a group of students with their resumes. Neither of us parked particularly close to our job so we had to walk to our car, then drive AND THEN we had to wait for the group of students. When we were done we again had to drive home, park our car THEN FINALLY walk back to work together. Basically what I’m telling you is on those days we spent a lot of time together. Normally we’d talk about a million things since we had a few hours to kill together but one day she mentioned the possibility of ghosts and it was the worst mistake she ever made. For the entire two and a half hours we spent together that day I talked AT her and barely let her interject with her own thoughts or arguments. When we finally got back to work she ran to her office and avoided me because she couldn’t handle the sound of my voice anymore.

I always tell people this story when they ask me what my thoughts on ghosts are and if I’m a believer. I lead with this story to warn them that IF they want to talk about ghosts with me I’m going to basically suck them into a conversation they can’t get out of and it’s going to be a lengthy one. The reason for this is that the topic of ghosts is one that has interested me for years.

Okay that’s an understatement; it’s the thing I’ve been OBSESSED with for years. There hasn’t been a ghost show I haven’t seen, regardless if it was good or not. Well let’s be honest none are really good from an objective standpoint but that doesn’t mean I won’t watch it. I watched a show about a group of off duty police officers who often tried to intimidate the ghosts into appearing. I also watched a show about a group of “investigators” that often irresponsibly tried to conjure spirits despite every expert in the field warning to NEVER EVER do that. I even watched one where the investigators didn’t know how to read their own equipment!!

I wish this wasn’t a real show…and that I hadn’t watched it.

But the fact remained that no matter how bad the shows were I always got hooked. And why did I get hooked? It’s not that I enjoy being scared like some or that I believed every single show accurately depicted “ghost” behaviour. Rather I watched it because I wanted to see how other people experienced the paranormal. Some treated it like it was their job to try and get rid of the ghosts, ghostbusters style. Other treated every case like a human interest story and wanted to ‘help’ the spirit move on – they usually spent more time investigating the back story rather than helping the current residents. Whereas others basically implied every ghost is demonic and wanted to kill you. I was always interested in these different approaches but I was never married to any single one of them. I always had my own thoughts on ghosts but I was never able to explain it. Then one day something happened (Nothing scary so don’t get your hopes up yet).

My brother brought home a videogame for Playstation One, Chrono Cross.

I’ll give you the most condensed version of the premise to help you understand my theory on ghosts. A young boy named Serge goes to the beach and is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up he goes back to his village and finds that while the village is identical in appearance, many of the inhabitants are different and those that that Serge knew are acting slightly different than before. This is because when he woke up on the beach he woke up in a parallel dimension. In this parallel dimension Serge died several years ago and while some things were different – for example his mother no longer lived in their house – the majority of the world was identical. Serge then returned to the beach and found a small hole between worlds where he was able to travel back and forth. This hole between universes is responsible for the entire game and countless encounters that really should never have happened.

Ah Parallel Dimensions, the cause of and solution to all of Serge’s problems

THIS was the most logical explanation that I ever found for ghosts and it was about a videogame that had nothing to do with ghosts!!! The notion of parallel dimensions and small holes/tears/portals between worlds became the most logical theory in my opinion and I’ll explain why!

For story’s sake I’m going to refer to our current earth as Earth 1 and the “ghost universe” as Earth 2. (I don’t think I took this idea from DC Comics I’d like to think they took it from me….even though they came up with the idea before I was born………)

This is either a picture of Superman across multiple Earths, or my co-workers when I start talking about ghosts….

So! In Earth 1, there is a man named Robert who lives on 126 Pine St. Robert is carrying a hamper of laundry down the stairs and one of the pieces of clothing falls out of the hamper, lands at his feet and his accidentally trips over it. This results in Robert falling down the stairs and unfortunately he suffers a life ending injury. In Earth 1, Robert no longer exists.

In Earth 2 however, Robert takes the hamper of laundry, pauses an extra minute to make sure everything is properly inside the hamper and then walks downstairs without incident. In Earth 2, Robert still exists.

Now in Earth 1, 126 Pine St. is now available to buy as the previous home owner passed away. Susan decides she’s going to purchase the home and does so. Susan is enjoying her new home but often feels a presence. She sometimes claims that she’s heard someone walking up and down the stairs, the exact spot where the last home owner died. Susan then believes that the ghost of Robert, who died in a terrible accident, is stuck in her home and his spirit refuses to leave.

In Earth 2, 126 Pine St. is still occupied by Robert who still takes the stairs down to the basement when he needs to do his laundry. The times Robert uses his stairs coincides with the time Susan believes she can hear someone on her staircase.

Why is this happening at 126 Pine St. and not 125 or 127 Pine St.? The same reason Serge had to return to the beach every single time he wanted to cross dimensions. Because these tears in reality exist only in certain spots and it’s these spots that we call “haunted”. If these events between Robert and Susan had happened at 125 Pine St. or 1980 Sunset Road then Susan would never have thought she heard someone on her staircase. Rather she would move in and live her life unaware.

Stop screaming! You can use the laundry machine after me!

This would explain why only some places experience hauntings whereas others don’t at all. Sure something traumatic could happen at a place but if there isn’t a tear to a parallel dimension then no one is going to notice or experience anything “paranormal” after the fact.

Now let me take a break to state here that I don’t think this explains 100% of hauntings but rather the most common one. Although that’s an odd thing to say isn’t it? The most common ghost?


What I’m referring to is of course “the shadow person”.

No not the ones from Are You Afraid of the Dark…BUT HOW SCARY WAS THIS EPISODE!!!

This is a term often used in the paranormal community to describe any spirit that manifests physically and resembles a person. You hear of these shadows standing at the foot of the bed, walking down stairs, passing by you in the hall etc. These so-called spirits in my mind all demonstrate the exact behaviour that I believe coincides with my theory! They don’t really do much of anything to the inhabitants in Earth 1, rather they just kind of appear throughout the home, walk into other rooms and interact with the environment in a normal way. Wouldn’t it make sense that in Earth 2 the individual is in their room and sees the family from Earth 1 experiencing the haunting?

“Ah man this is what I get for buying a child’s bed in my haunted house!”

Do they see a shadow person in their bed which then frightens them and stops them in their tracks at the foot of their bed. While in Earth 1 the child in the bed is frightened at the shadow man who is standing at the foot of his bed.

It’s a vicious cycle of who’s scaring who. Much like the time my brothers and I watched the Sixth Sense and Hector started screaming which resulted in me screaming….which scared him and made him scream louder……which (as you’ve guessed it) scared me even more and I screamed even louder. This carried on for an unnecessary amount of time which had my other brother Juan laughing till he cried.

The point of the story is that there wasn’t anything ACTUALLY scary in that room but we still managed to terrify each other. Our fear took over the rationale part of our brains and created something scary from something ordinary.

Ghosts in my opinion or “shadow people” are just this. They’re flashes of people living in parallel dimensions that share an identical space with our Earth. More often than not you don’t hear of these spirits doing anything but scaring people by simply appearing. I’m of the belief that they aren’t bad at all and shouldn’t be feared. But rather studied, if you ever come across one in your home then pay attention. How is it acting? Is it even doing anything scary?

If your child is eaten by the tv you MAY have a more severe problem than ghosts…..

That’s really my theory at its core. I could go on and on but it would just be supporting what I’ve already said. I don’t think that this theory covers Poltergeists or Demons however, and my thoughts on those will be posted on a different post altogether. Thanks for reading! I hope my thoughts on the paranormal haven’t perplexed you too much…..