Let me start off by telling you just how I was introduced to the paranormal. I wish I could tell you that I had the ability to sense spirits or that I experienced a childhood haunting that made me devote myself to all things horror. Unfortunately quite the opposite is true, I never believed myself to have any sort of paranormal abilities and I don’t have any personal ghost stories that I could peak your interest with.

My introduction to this world actually started off as a result of my fear of the dark and my parent’s unsuccessful attempt to try to rid me of my fear and nightmares. When I was a child I often suffered from nightmares and couldn’t handle myself if I was in a room without a nightlight or the company of one of my siblings.

My parent’s had the idea to get me some ghost books with the hopes of ridding my fear of the dark. Their thought was that if I had an understanding of the very thing I was scared of then perhaps it would make it less scary. Something tangible is much less scary than the unknown. Or at least to them it was. It started off with your typical “scary ghost stories for the camp fire” or “highway horrors” which you could find in any library’s children section. They were books with very tame ghost stories that were meant to scare children at camp or at sleepovers. The problem was not that these books were scary but rather they peaked my interest into the world of the paranormal.

So I began seeking out more mature ghost stories of the “real ghost story” variety that were intended for teens and young adults. The problem was that I still had the mind of a child and couldn’t handle the more mature subject matter that involved demons, poltergeists, exorcisms, possessions, angry spirits, ouiji boards and witchcraft. As a 13 year old this would be decently scary, but as an 8 year old this was some of the most terrifying literature I had ever found.

I have a memory of being in the fifth grade and being assigned The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe to real for school. I fell behind everyone else in class because I was busy reading “real world hauntings and possessions” which was a book from the Library’s adult section. I was reading real world accounts of the demonic that would have scared me if I had read it last week let alone when I was 10 years old.

The thing was though, the more I read, the more I was scared. This in turn made me more interested in the subject matter. It’s almost as if it’s a continuous battle to overcome my fear. I’m still carrying out my parent’s idea from 22 years ago when they introduced me to my first ghost book. But it’s extended past “real world ghost stories” and has lead me to films, documentaries, various theories and the findings of paranormal researchers.

This blog is in turn my way of discussing my thoughts, fears, theories but also various reviews of mainstream horror media. This doesn’t just relate to ghosts as some of my favourite pieces of media covered things such as the fourth dimension, time travel, monsters, parallel universes, crime, mysteries and the occult. Which in my mind – which you’ll experience quite shortly – often relate to one another. So I hope you find some enjoyment in my love of all things paranormal and horror as well as my own personal theories regarding a number of paranormal topics.

If you ever have a topic you’d like me to write about then by all means send it in to me and let me know! I’m happy to discuss anything relating to something out of this world! Nothing is off limits!

And if you have any experiences you’d like to discuss with me or that I can even put out there for others to read and discuss then just let me know and I’m happy to generate some great conversation for you! And this can be any personal experiences you have or even thoughts you have about any horror related genre whether it’s a book series, movie franchise or cult classics. I hope to make anyone who’ a lover of the occult and paranormal happy by focusing on topics meant for those obsessed with this just like I am!

I hope you enjoy what you read!